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  • Name: Harrington Joseph
  • Nicknames: Harry, Harox, Harph & Tom.
  • Profession: System Engineer, MSc of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Current location: LA, California.
  • Hobbies: Soccer, Freeride, Downhill and Running.
  • Quote: "... It's a round ball!"
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I'm an enthusiastic software developer with a strong interest in programming languages, artificial intelligence and Web development.

Since the beginning of my career, I realized that I'm not the type of guy who likes working in an office just doing paper work. Now, with some work-experience, I'm convinced that I'm interested in advanced research projects in which many challenges are presented, and could be solved using edge technologies. Due to this, I try to keep my knowledge up to date and to improve my skills, looking for new algorithms, programming techniques, languages and libraries. I really enjoy learning new technologies.

I love to hear about new projects. If you think you have a good one, feel free to contact me.

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A little bit more about me. I have about 7 years developing applications, using mostly Python, Java and PHP.

Well... Where did I start? In 2002, I began studying System Engineering at the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. From that moment I began to feel a great passion for computer programming and algorithms, which has led me to participate in local and international Programming Contests. Throughout my career, I got first place in a Software Development Contest and I came first in the Universidad Metropolitana ACM Programming Contest twice. I finished my studies in 2007 and I got my degree in 2008.

In 2003, I started to work in several freelance projects and in 2006 I began my formal work doing internships at Teléfonica Movistar. Later, I worked for different companies, such as IBM, Teravision Technologies and Kentriki Corporation (btw: the best place I've ever worked). My main responsibilities have included design and implementation of complex systems and also managing and leading other developers as well.

Later in 2010, I began a Master degree in Artificial Inteligence at the Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca in Spain. During my Master, I broadened my knowledge in areas such as data mining, information retrieval, neuro-fuzzy computing, speech processing, Web mining-engineering and robotic (One of my biggest passions). Recently, I finished the Master and got my degree in artificial intelligence.

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HJOSEPH Kentriki.com
HJOSEPH Adalivenezuela.com
HJOSEPH UEPestalozzi.com
HJOSEPH American-Consult.com
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Are you planning to develop an idea? thinking about a project? do you want to know more about me? or you just have something to say?

HJoseph hello[at]hjoseph[dot]com
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